X-Message-Number: 5949
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 22:18:47 -0500
From:  (Brett Corlett)
Subject: The Simpsons

     Well cryonics awareness must be really rising these days because
on tonights Simpsons episode there was a reference to cryogenics (their
word, not cryonics).  It was not exactly complimentary but what can you
expect from the Simpsons.

    For those who care what happened was that a person who had lost his 
money from a law suit was approached by Bart and Lisa.  The man after
talking about other things mentions that one of the things that his loss
of money resulted in was not being able to "afford the upkeep on his 
fathers head at the cryogenics place."  They then show a normal cooler
on the table.

     The thing about it was the way it was presented was not as a shot
at cryonics, that was not the funny part, it was not that cryonics
was absurd but a reasonable (but I guess expensive, from their point
of view) although not mainstream thing to do.  Or something the rich

     I guess any publicity is good publicity.  If the cost is the only
issue to be tackled in convincing the public in general we can't be that 
far from complete recognition as a reasonable and intelligent choice.

Brett Corlett

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