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Date:  Mon, 18 Mar 96 18:20:16 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject: DNA storage at Alcor

To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
March 18, 1996

In reply to:    Message #5941
                From:  (Brian Wowk)
                Newsgroups: sci.cryonics,sci.life-extension
                Subject: Re: Virtue of suffering
                Date: 15 Mar 96 08:12:06 GMT

Brian wrote:

>    Actually, it's "Scrape me into a bucket and put it in the
>*freezer*."  I know of at least one (non-cryonics) firm
>in the US that offers to store your DNA for posterity.  Why shouldn't
>CryoCare offer that option to our members?  Actually CryoCare is
>about to become the first cryonics organization that stores DNA of
>its *living* members, allowing the possibility of a future clone
>even in the unfortunate event that there's nothing left to "scrape
>into a bucket".

And in Message #5943, Bob Ettinger replied:

>Brian Wowk (Cryonet #5941) says CryoCare will soon become the first
>cryonics organization to offer DNA storage for living members.

>Actually, Cryonics Institute already does (and has done) this, on

     Brian, CryoCare isn't even second.  Alcor has also been offering DNA
storage to members (in return for donations during our fund-raising
drives) for more than a year.

     Nice idea, though.  Glad to see you're "catching up."  (grin)

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