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Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 21:58:18 -0500
From: "Keith F. Lynch" <>
Subject: Re: The Simpsons

In #5949,  (Brett Corlett) wrote:
> Well cryonics awareness must be really rising these days because on
> tonights Simpsons episode ...

There have been at least four previous references to cryonics in
The Simpsons:

In one of the Halloween episodes, they showed a graveyard.  Walt
Disney's tombstone had icicles on it, but no others did.

When Bart fell down a well, someone suggested that while nobody was
presently able to rescue him, liquid nitrogen could be poured down
the well to freeze him, and future generations could save him.  (This
might actually work!)  (He was rescued in a more conventional fashion.)

In an episode set in the future, Montgomery Burns, the elderly evil
boss of the Springfield Nuclear Plant is frozen until they can find "a
cure for death by 17 stab wounds".  Researchers announce "we're up to
15".  In a later scene, he has been revived, but his lower half
shatters due to incomplete thawing.

When Homer's mother reappears after having been believed dead for
many years, Bart asks "Where have you been, Granny?  Did they freeze
you or something?"  (No, she hadn't been frozen.)

Note that in last night's episode, the frozen father in the ice chest
was a world-famous movie cartoonist who started work in the 1920s.
Obviously another reference to Walt Disney, who is popularly, but
wrongly, believed to have been frozen at death.
Keith Lynch, 

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