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Subject: Re: Oregon doctor-assisted suicide
Date: 21 Mar 96 18:19:56 GMT
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>Randy Smith () wrote:

>: Are you saying that insurers will pay life insurance claims if you commit 
>: suicide?
>: I've always thought it was common knowledge that they did not.

>It depends, as some of the companies put a clause in the contract stating 
>the no indemnity occurs in the event of suicide.  As well, some states 
>(California, it should be noted, has been particularly notorious for this 
>in the recent past) do not require insurance companies to adhere to their 

	In at least three cases I know of, insurance companies paid off on
cryonics cases who comitted outright suicide with no terminal illness
involved.  As long as you've held your policy for two years, I simply
cannot imagine an insurer refusing to pay out on a medically-justified
suicide case.  The public would go nuts!  Even now, many life-insurers
are paying (somewhat reduced) "death" benefits to clients with AIDS while
they are still living.

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