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Date: Thu, 04 Apr 1996 10:06:04 -0800
From: Randy Smith <>
Subject: Re: Cryonics researchers are a bunch of amators
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>From Randy Smith
Will someone please respond to this guy on sci.cryonics?

SIREAU Jean-Yves <> wrote:
>I have been quite excited about cryonics since having come accross this 
>newsgroup, but having read the bios of the staff of Alcor, the largest 
>cryonics company (see page http://www.alcor.org/staff.html) I can only 
>conclude that the whole thing is hype created by a bunch of amators.  
>None of the staff seem to be serious scientists.  
>Is any serious scientific work being done, or has the scientific world 
>left it to the cowboys out to make a quick buck by pouring liquid 
>nitrogen on dead people ?
>Jean-Yves Sireau

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