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From: Randy Smith <>
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Subject: Re: Cryonics researchers are a bunch of amators
Date: 4 Apr 1996 15:41:48 GMT
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SIREAU Jean-Yves <> wrote:
>I have been quite excited about cryonics since having come accross this 
>newsgroup, but having read the bios of the staff of Alcor, the largest 
>cryonics company (see page http://www.alcor.org/staff.html) I can only 
>conclude that the whole thing is hype created by a bunch of amators.  
>None of the staff seem to be serious scientists.  
>Is any serious scientific work being done, or has the scientific world 
>left it to the cowboys out to make a quick buck by pouring liquid 
>nitrogen on dead people ?
>Jean-Yves Sireau

It's good to see someone else excited about cryonics, and I can 
understand your disapointment when you saw no Phd's in molecular biology 
or the like evident on the Alcor page (well, actually, there is a MS in 
biology, right?, and 1 PhD in computer science). I certainly wish 
mainstream science was researching this area. 
However, wouldn't you agree that any group of intelligent, educated 
adults, can with years of study and work, attain a certain level of 
expertise in almost in any field? That is almost certainly the case here. 
Many of these people have been involved in cryonics for years and even 
decades. Many of them are quite well versed in the areas of science that 
pertain to cryonics.

I have also posted this inquiry to cryonet digest and I think that a 
certain pair of doctorate-level medical professionals will drop by and 
say hi.

Regarding mainstream science and its avoidance of this area  of research, 
you need to realize that anyone involved in this area is butting heads 
with belief systems which have probably been around since we started 
burying our dead. Logic and rationality do not penetrate these thickets.

Well, this is a VERY involved area and I have a data structures class, so 
adieu for now; we'll discuss this later, hopefully.

Randy Smith

do not go gentle into that good night
rage, rage against the dying of the light

 Dylan Thomas

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