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Subject: Re: Hypothermia Surgery
Date: 7 Apr 96 03:02:09 GMT
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>I don't know much about or what this procedure is called
>(that's way I'm asking). But I'm looking for information
>about operations that use hypothermia. I saw on some
>show that, a person need an operation on a main artery.
>The doctors lowered her body temp so low that everything

	This is indeed an established medical procedure.
It's most commonly used by neurosurgeons for some types
of aneurism surgery.  People can be cooled to about 18'C,
the heart stopped, and then restarted up to forty minutes 
later.  With blood substitution, this can also now 
be done for up to five hours in large animal models. 
Suggest you do a Medline search with keywords "hypothermia"
and "aneurism (or aneurysm)." 

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