X-Message-Number: 604
From: Graham Wilson <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 92 14:39:39 WET

I would be very interested to obtain a few statistics on Cryonics.

I would like to find out the following:

1)  How many suspensions have taken place by Alcor in America ?

2)  When did the first take place ?

3)  How much does suspension cost ?

4)  What has been the earliest point after death that suspension has taken
    place ?

5)  When does UK Alcor intend to attempt the first suspension ?

6)  Before they can do this are there any technical or legal problems within
    the UK to be overcome ?

7)  Will the UK method of operating a cryonic centre differ from the American
    system ?

    *            Graham Wilson                *    *
    *          LL.B. Law Year II              *                        *

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