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From: "Peter C. McCluskey" <>
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Subject: Re: Cryonics researchers are a bunch of amators
Date: 6 Apr 1996 16:09:55 GMT
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>From Steve Bridge, President
>Alcor Life Extension Foundation
>April 4, 1996
>     First, I would point out to Mr. Sireau that Alcor Life Extension
>Foundation is a non-profit foundation.  We can't make a quick buck.  No

 While the rest of Mr. Bridge's post is a good description of how much
Alcor currently differs from an organization out to make a quick buck,
this implication that non-profit status somehow prevents Alcor from
becoming such an organization is absurd. The fact that the money wouldn't
be legally classified as profits doesn't prevent people from getting
arbitrarily high salaries. Only competition and carefull checking of
reputations by customers can keep cryonics free of scams.

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