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From: SIREAU Jean-Yves <>
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Subject: Re: Cryonics researchers are a bunch of amators
Date: 7 Apr 1996 04:12:24 GMT
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>However, wouldn't you agree that any group of intelligent, educated
>adults, can with years of study and work, attain a certain level of
>expertise in almost in any field? That is almost certainly the case here.

I am sorry if I offended the community with my comment about the 
researchers being out to make a quick buck.  I would like to retract that 

I do not really agree with the above comment that "any group of 
intelligent, educated adults, can with years of study and work attain a 
certian level of expertise in almost any field" - this is certainly 
untrue in the scientific world.  There is no substitute for a solid and 
lengthy scientific education.  However dedicated you may be, you can only 
attain amator status in science if you havn't been through the intensive 
decades-long training at the best schools, universities, then research 

Real scientific breakthroughs are made by the top 0.001% of the 
scientific community (the geniuses) :  the remaining 99.999% just expand 
on the discoveries, and find minor additions and improvements.  
Currently, cryonics researchers are in the bottom 1% of the scientific 
community, so what chance have they of discovering anything ?

The real test for cryonics is *now* that it is being discussed on the 
Internet.  It will attract the attention of university students looking 
for research projects etc., scientists from all over the world, and also 
businessmen willing to invest.

J-Y Sireau

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