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OMNI (Organizing Medical Networked Information) is a collection of "high
quality biomedical information on the Internet for the higher education
and research community in the UK." Though it is predominantly UK based,
it also points to worldwide network resources in medicine, biosciences,
health care, and health management. The user can browse the resource
listings worldwide or by UK only. Either way the listings are available by
UDC (Universal Decimal System) and NLM (National Library of Medicine)
classifications. NLM listings are also available via an alphabetical list
of NLM section names from AIDS to Urogenital system. Each pointer is
annotated with a short description and keywords.  The entire site is
searchable.  The breadth and volume of resources, as well as the care
taken in annotating and classifying them, makes this one of the better
medical sites on the Internet. OMNI also maintains a mailing list for
dissemination of news and comments about the service.  OMNI is supported
by a seven member consortium led by the UK National Institute for Medical
OMNI mailing list:  send email to: 
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