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From:  (Brad Templeton)
Subject: Re: Patient Care Costs and Alcor Investments
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 06:21:09 GMT
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>     Also, remember that we want that Patient Care Fund to *grow* relative
>to expenses, not just remain the same.  We want to fund reanimation

Right.  So the right strategy, as I see it is to calculate the worst ever
loss from the speculative investments (index funds, for example, or
international funds) in history, increase it by a fair margin and figure
that the worst that could happen to the speculative portion is it could
suffer that loss.   Then apportion so that the speculative portion, after
loss, plus the guranteed, conservative portion, is enough to maintain
the PCF plus start growing it more slowly.

Ie. so you figure that if you get the worst loss in history, you still have
enough to maintain the patient fund, but otherwise, you grow.
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