X-Message-Number: 607
Date: 15 Jan 92 02:24:25 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #604 - #606

Hi Max.
[ text on personal business removed - KQB ]
But anyway: your thesis sounds very interesting and I'd like a copy when 
you're done. 

One other point: there is some interesting computer justification for a
"self circuit". This may or may not be what Ettinger meant; but I
reviewed a book in CRYONICS about a year ago in which someone had
developed a computer model capable of a kind of introspection (if given
a search task it could ask itself how it was doing and try another
strategy). This caused a marked improvement ching ability. Hmmm.
It was Pollock HOW TO BUILD A PERSON. I was interested also that this
guy was (officially, on paper) a philosopher.

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