X-Message-Number: 6081
Date: 17 Apr 1996 05:59:36 U
From: "Norton, Brook" <>
Subject: Fear of the "unnatural"

In msg #6076, Brian Wowk says:

In the same vein, NEVER ever talk about immortality through
technology.  Again, immortality is the province of God not man.
Cryonics at best is a way to overcome terminal illness, not a
path to immortality!

But immortality IS the province of man.  And cryonics IS a path to immortality.
 Actually achieving immortality will depend on whether we act intelligently and
if the laws of nature do in fact allow for it.  It certainly can't be ruled out
and it can be conveyed to friends and family, in the course of due time, in a
diplomatic, non-threatening way.  I say that when your audience is ready,
present them with the prospect of immortality.

Brook Norton
Aerodynamics, McDonnell Douglas

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