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Date:  Wed, 17 Apr 96 13:36:12 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject: Alcor cooperation

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>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
April 17, 1996

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                 Subject: Re: Review of Sheskin's _Cryonics_:A sociology of
                    Death and Bereavement Part I
                 Date: 16 Apr 96 02:18:10

     A minor technical clarification to one of Brian's points:

>    Absolutely right.  The organizational situation in cryonics
>(especially the people that comprise organizations) is very fluid.
>Ten years ago (when cryonics was sharply polarized into the
>Trans Time/ACS vs. Alcor camps) NOBODY would have believed that
>in 1996 Trans Time and Alcor would cooperate in research, and
>Mike Darwin would be divorced from Alcor and working for ACS!
>Yet that's what happened, and cryonics is now bigger than ever.

     Brian's general point is absolutely correct.  However, Alcor hasn't
cooperated with *Trans Time* on research; we've cooperated with *BioTime,*
the research company run by Paul Segall and Hal Sternberg.  While there
are some inter-relationships there, they are quite different and separate

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