X-Message-Number: 609
Date: 16 Jan 92 19:58:29 EST
From: Brenda <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #604 - #606

Korzybski writes in "Science and Sanity" that the self is a dynamic entity not
static. He viewed himself as an entity that changed every minute. As a result,
he would do such things as sign his name and date it. The point being that he
was Korzybski Jan 15, 1992 and should not be confused with Korzybski Jan 14,
1992. His approach is similar to Buckminster Fuller's book title "I Seem To Be
A Verb".

To me, the question of identity is self-evident. I think I am therefore I think

I am. But further, I am continually evolving but am still I even though billions
and billions of physical and psychological changes have occured during the last
24 hours. "I" seems to be a psychological construct that can be considered a
gestalt perception of the millions of processes within my body.

Best to all, Courtney

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