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Subject: Re: How to invest for Cryonics
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 01:37:57 GMT
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Adam Starchild  <> wrote:
>>For Cryonics, international diversification is a good plan.  You don't
>>get the returns of the S&P 500 but you get much less risk of serious
>>wipe-out, since the whole world economy would have to tank badly for
>>this to happen, and if it does, the cryo-org will probably have other
>>serious problems.
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>I couldn't agree more.  International diversification is absolutely
>crucial.  Not all countries economies are moving in the same direction
>at the same time.  You'll find an extensive discussion of international
>diversification on my homepage.
>    Adam Starchild
>    The Offshore Entrepreneur at http://www.au.com/offshore

I would note that it is not necessarily the best plan for ordinary investors
and definitely not for short term investors.  The U.S. markets are
seriously outperforming many world markets right now, for example.

International funds are good for people with a very long view (cryonics)
or people with no interest in timing the market even over a span of decades.

Timing the market is usually unwise for the ordinary investor, things can
swing back and forth between stocks and bonds and etc. quickly and
unpredictably.   International decisions, such as "Japan is heating up" are
broader.  But of course there are always smarter investors ahead of you.
Brad Templeton, publisher, ClariNet Communications Corp.	 
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