X-Message-Number: 613
Date: 23 Jan 92 15:59:28 EST
From: Michael Clive Price <>
Subject: CRYONICS How to get to Alcor UK 

The address of the Alcor UK facility is 

Alcor UK
18 Potts Marsh Estate
East Sussex

If you are coming by rail then either
     catch a train from, or change at, Victoria station (a British Rail  
     station with connection onto the London Underground or subway) for 
     Pevensey West Ham railway station.  When you arrive at Pevensey 
     West Ham turn left as you leave the station and the road crosses 
     the railway track. Carry on down the raod for a couple of hundred
     yards and Alcor UK is on the trading estate on your right.
     catch a train from, or change at, Vitoria station for Polgate 
     railway station (this will probably be different train from the one
     you would have caught for Pevensey).  Alight at Polgate railway
     station and catch a cab for Potts Marsh trading estate or phone 
     AUK (unit = 0323 460257 or Alan Sinclair, 0323 488150) and we will
     send some one out to pick you up.

Alan's address is 
The Thatched Cottage
Jevington Road
Wannock, near Polgate
East Sussex
in case you get lost

Victoria Station has a regular train shuttle connection with Gatwick
airport and can reached from Heathrow airport via the amazing London
Underground tube or subway system (you've read "a subway called Mobius"?).

People coming for AUK meetings must phone ahead - or else you're on your
own, the meeting may have been cancelled, moved, etc, etc...  With a day's
notice the surest way of contacting us is e-mail:

	Name			InterNet email address:
	Russell Whitaker 	
	Steve Whitrow		

Mike Price

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