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Subject: sci.med talks about cryonic suspensions
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 92 15:34:39 EST

Henson posted the "Account of a Cryonic Suspension" that appeared here
to sci.med, and here is one response that arose.  Does anyone care to
comment?  I don't feel competent to judge here.

From: tpm% (Terence P. Ma)
Newsgroups: sci.med
Subject: Re: Account of a Cryonic Suspension
Date: 23 Jan 92 23:31:54 GMT
Organization: Dept. of Anatomy, Univ. Mississippi Medical Center

In article <>  (gordon e. banks) writes:
>After reading this, it strikes me that the odds of having this brain ever
>revive intact is extremely remote.  Maybe if you dropped the person,
>still functioning well, into liquid nitrogen...

I think your characterization "remote" has got to be the
understatement of the year.  I can tell you that as a neuroanatomist
who does a lot of histology of the brain, if I used the protocol
they described and then examined the tissue, there would be a
tremendous amount of freezing artifact in the tissue --- so much so
that it would be useless for scientific research.

>What a waste of resources, though!

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