X-Message-Number: 616
Date: 24 Jan 92 23:27:21 EST
From: Hank Lederer <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #594 - #595

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On another subject:  A friend sent a clipping from the Sunday, Jan. 12, '92 
issue of the Seattle Times entitled "Close-up  Frozen for the Future"  

Subheading: Scientist works to make cryonics a believable idea.  It states that

Muhammad Ali is going to sign up with ACS.." 'It's only a matter of time before
Ali, who is fascinated by this emerging science of cryonics, will sign up 
himself for the procedure,' said (Avi) Ben-Abraham of Los Altos Hills, Calif."

It's not a bad article and takes up half of page 3 in the "A" section.  It also
features a photo of Eileen Segall playing with Miles, the beagle and photos of 
Ali and Walt Disney.
                          Thanks for all your good work!   Hank Lederer

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