X-Message-Number: 619
Subject: Account of a cryonic suspension, again
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 92 12:16:40 EST

Oops, in the sci.med post I forwarded to this mailing list, I did not
state my opinion of the post or what I hoped people would do with it.
I don't know Dr. Ma, nor do I have an opinon about whether what he
says is correct.  

However, there is some chance that we would benefit from talking to
him, since he may know what he is talking about to some extent.  Thus
I don't want him to read his morning mail and feel that a horde of
rabid cryonicists has decended upon him.  Please send mail on this
issue to me or to the Cryonics list, and I'll filter out the
redundancies and flamage and ask him a few questions in a few days.

Darn, I'm probably sending this too late.


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