X-Message-Number: 622
Date: 30 Jan 92 16:42:45 EST
From: Michael Clive Price <>
Subject: CRYONICS Checks/Cheques & paying money to the US

Non-US citzens:

Paying money to the States (eg to order CRYONICS or EXTROPY) is easier
than you may realise.  Assuming that you have a non-US-dollar denominated
account then:
1) write, in words, a cheque for the amount in dollars (eg write "five US
dollars and six cents").
2) write, in numbers, the amount (eg "$5.06").  The $ sign is vital.
3) cross out the non-US-dollar currency sign (just a single neat line)
4) initial the crossing out (just over the crossing is conventional)

That's it.  MUCH easier than using travellers cheques or International
Money Orders.  I find that the bank will charge me a couple of quid when
the cheque is drawn.  But I there would have been a handling charge no
matter which mechanism I used.

[ Will this work in the opposite direction?  Of course, payment by credit
  card seems to have this automatic-conversion convenience, too. - KQB ]

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