X-Message-Number: 623
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Re: Cryonics on USENET sci.med
Date: 30 Jan 1992

The Cryonics debate on the USENET sci.med newsgroup is still raging.
For those of you who do not have access to sci.med, I have put all these
messages (except the original posting, messages #601 and #602 of this
mailing list) into file 0006, which you can retrieve by sending email
to me with the Subject line "CRYOMSG 0006".  Warning: This file is large
and still growing; it now totals over 98K bytes. (The CRYOMSG software
will break it up into smaller pieces to email to you, though.)

For those of you who have retrieved previous versions of 0006, I have
also stored the "incrementals" as separate files 0006.1, 0006.2, etc.
with the Jan. 29, Jan. 30, etc. sci.med cryonics messages.
                              Kevin Q. Brown
                              UUCP        ...att!whscad1!kqb
                              COMPUSERVE  >INTERNET:

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