X-Message-Number: 629
Date: 03 Feb 92 01:45:06 EST
From: Brian Wowk <>
Subject: ACS vs. Alcor

>> Re Tim Leary, extropians might be interested that he is signed up with 
>> Alcor.  Keith Henson 
> I think in both cases, people were revealing things about personal 
> friends (Avi Ben-Abraham is a personal friend of Ali, at least). I 
> think that it should be a matter between them and not a subject of 
> outside criticism.   (Edgar Swank) 
        For the record, Timothy Leary has given explicit written permission  
for his Alcor membership to be made public.  He has also given numerous  
public talks about cryonics and life extension. 
        I am mentioning this because it is imperative that people understand  
Alcor officials will never reveal a member's identity without explicit  
permission of that member (not even to other Alcor members). 
        In contrast, it is not clear what the policies of ACS are in these  
matters.  Avi Ben-Abraham is not just a friend of Muhammad Ali; he is also an  
ACS officer (president).  It would be very interesting to know whether Ali  
really did give permission for his name to be publicly associated with  
        As to why relations continue to be poor between Alcor and ACS, a few  
of the many reasons can be found in this same article ("Playing tag with  
death", Peninsula Times Tribune, Dec. 29, 1991): 
        Ben-Abraham was reluctant to discuss his physics work, which 
        he said is classified top secret.  The results, which he said 
        laid the foundation for the Strategic Defense Initiative technology, 
        led to (his) nominations for Nobel prizes in physics and peace. 
        Now, the dark-eyed 34-year-old prepares to advance science 500 
        years within his lifetime. 
How does ACS expect Alcor members (or any intelligent human beings) to read  
this B.S. and not be incensed? 
                                                        --- Brian Wowk 

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