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Subject: CRYONICS: California State Coroner's Association Spring Conference
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The California State Coroner's Association Spring Conference will be held
on March 12 through 17, Sunday through Friday, 1989, at the Sheraton
Sunrise Hotel in Sacramento, California.

On Wednesday, March 15 at 9:00 in the morning, Mike Darwin of Alcor will
give a talk on cryonics to the assembled coroners.  Representatives from
most if not all California Coroner's offices (about 70 to 80 people) should
be present at the meeting.

Attendance is open, registration for one day is $25.  (Registration for the
whole conference is $125).  Registration material can be obtained by
contacting Larry Gillespie (with the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Coroner's
office) at 805-681-4147, or his secretary Pat at 805-964-9500.  Checks and
registration forms for conference attendance should be sent to Larry
Gillespie, (not Gene Thacker -- an alternate address for members of some

Other sessions that day include:

Office of the State Registrar, Vital Statistics, "The New Death Certificate
& Forms", David Mitchell, Chief, OSR.

"Protocols, Policy and Procedure between Coroners and Organ-Tissue Banks",
Jim Beisner and Jim O'Brien.

Calif. Medical Association, Organ Transplant Committee and CSCA Committee,
Report of Meetings; Goals & Objectives.

There are other sessions that Wednesday, and many other sessions during the

This promises to be an interesting convention.

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