X-Message-Number: 6306
Subject: I'm buying life insurance.  Advice?
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 1996 13:31:29 -0500
From: Will Dye <>

I've not signed up for cryosuspension yet, but I hope to do 
so as soon as circumstances permit.  I know that bit about 
"circumstances permit" deserves some explanation, but I 
don't have the time to go into it right now.  It's a long 

In the meantime, I'm about to upgrade my life insurance 
to $400,000 for myself and $300,000 for my wife.  It will 
be "plain vanilla" term life insurance, 20-year fixed rate.  
We're both non-smokers in good health.  I'm 36 and my wife 
is 34.  Besides price, I'd also like to consider how stable 
& friendly the company is, but other than AM Best ratings 
I'm not sure how to measure that.  I just want to make 
sure that the company will deal with us in a fair manner 
down the road when we may need them.  If that costs a little 
($5/month or so) extra, that's fine.  

My hope is to convert some of my $400,000 to a cryosuspension 
fund someday soon.  Probably a neuro for cost reasons.  I 
have not selected a provider.  

Since cryonet folk are well-versed in the wiles of life 
insurance, I would appreciate your advice on this matter. 
I am particularly interested in any hitch that may arise 
from the idea I have to later commit some of my policy 
towards cryosuspension.  If that's untenable, then I'll 
need to make other arrangements.  

The quote I have is from First Colony.  $47/month for myself 
and $31/month for my wife.  I just got a quote from CNA.  
$45/month for myself, $29/month for my wife.  I know less 
about CNA, though, so I'll probably go with First Colony 
unless something else comes up.  

Any advice or opinion is appreciated.


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