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From: Brian Wowk <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 13:03:13 -0500
Subject: Life Insurance

Steve Bridge writes:

>     The only major company that seems to be an active problem for initial
>cryonics coverage is Prudential, but I feel sure that even they would pay
>Alcor as beneficiary on a policy which was first dedicated to a family
>member and then transferred to Alcor.

	While it is always best to initially choose a company that
has a history of writing and paying out on cryonics policies
(such as the ones Steve suggested), this little trick has been
used many times in cryonics.  (I used it myself when I bought my
cryonics coverage 10 years ago.)  Anyone know why life insurance
companies don't seem to scrutinize new beneficiaries as closely
the initial ones?

	I recall Yvan Bozonnetti wrote earlier this year that he
couldn't find a life insurer in France that would sell a life
insurance policy with a cryonics company as a beneficiary.  Perhaps,
Yvan, you should purchase a policy with a relative as the beneficiary,
and then later try changing it to a cryonics company.

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