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Subject: Policy
Date: Wed,  5 Feb 92 13:36:30 PST

Dear Kevin:
Please post the following:

To:  All Concerned
From:  Carlos Mondragon, President, Alcor Foundation
Re:  Interorganizational Relations -- Russ Whitaker, Edgar Swank  &  Brian 
Wowk messages.

This  is official Alcor policy:  Bickering and petty criticisms do not  do 
any of our organizations any good.  Alcor will engage in public  criticism 
of other cryonics organizations only in terms of reporting that which they 
have  chosen  to disclose as news or publish as claims. We will  avoid  ad 
hominem  jabs  and  inflammatory  subjective  language.   We  hope   other 
organizations  will  adopt  similar  policies.   Reasoned  arguments   and 
objective evidence is how people get close to what is true.
     If any official Alcor positions ever appear in this forum, they  will 
be  clearly labeled as such.  Meanwhile, readers may assume that  messages 
contained herein are entirely the private personal views of the writer.
     Mr.  Whitaker is a well respected Alcor member and one of  our  most 
valuable  volunteers,  but he does not speak for Alcor.  Of course  he  is 
free to express his personal opinions and readers are welcome to use their 
own judgment in evaluating them -- all in the freewheeling context of this 
bulletin board.
     Regarding  the specific issues which were raised in prior  exchanges: 
Alcor  never  releases the names of our suspension  members  or  associate 
members without written consent.  We don't know what ACS policy is in this 
regard, so we can't comment on it.  I've been misquoted by the media often 
enough that I would ask Ben-Abraham what he actually said.  In the article 
in question, I'm sure that much of the text was in fact fabricated by  the 
reporter  since the article also alludes to Avi's research efforts,  while 
in fact, Avi has told me personally that he has never engaged in any  kind 
of research and that he never makes any such claims.
     As  for suspension and emergency response capabilities, the best  way 
to  make comparisons is to go to the facilities and see for  oneself.   If 
that isn't possible, then I would suggest asking questions and subscribing 
to organizational publications for a period of time long enough to form an 
educated opinion. 
     I  do  want  to keep things civil and I do hope  I've  addressed  Mr. 
Swank's concerns, since this is my least favorite way to communicate.   If 
not, please call me at 714-736-1703.

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