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Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 11:34:57 +0000
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>>I will make one point, which I doubt applies to Saul but may apply to
>others. The notion of some time in which growth becomes extremely
>rapid and everyone sees the light stinks far too much of chiliastic
>ideas from Christianity. And note that many Christian sects believe
>that the coming of that time is not something over which they have
>control, it is controlled only by God... or to put it another more
>"technological" way: we need only fold our hands and Nanotechnology
>will save us. I brought up the point that cryonics cannot and should
>not be expected to have its Coming just because I felt that such a
>belief lay behind an absence of effort to bring it closer.

Mr. Donaldson,

You are using terms here that you are not entirely comfortable with.  
I do not agree with your fatalistic interpretation of Christianity, 
nor do I concur with your erroneous assumption that Christianity can 
be equated with what you call "Nanotechnology."  What exactly do you 
mean by "chiliastic?"  Clearly, you have misinterpreted some of the 
basic tenets of Christianity (which I would be glad to explain in the 
future) with you fallacious assumption that Christian beliefs 
prohibit one from considering cryogenic preservation.  While 
Christianity (at least Catholicism) rejects any technology that 
brings about the premature expiration of a human being (this is usually 

called euthanasia or homicide), cryogenic technology isn't just that--as you 
to be acknowledging.  Indeed, your own interpretation of Christianity 
suggests that YOU have a dismal view of the current state of 
cryogenic technology; likewise, your attack on Christian beliefs
seems to reveal insecurity on your behalf.  If this is the case, address the
 technological insufficiencies of cryogenics, not what you would call the 
shortcomings of religious beliefs that differ from your own.  

As Christians, we should not be inclined to reject cryogenic 
technology; however, rest assured that as responsible citizens, we 
will not support technology that is used disparingly.  Christians 
should not be afraid to bring cryogenic technology closer, but it had 
better work before we allow the general population to use it.  
Christians, nor any other religious "sect," cannot support any 
technology that is used without discretion.   
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"...They will lay hands on the sick and they will be cured."
(MK 16:16)

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