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Date:  Sun, 09 Jun 96 13:18:12 
From: dave <>
Subject: cooperation

Replying to several recent suggestions of cooperation from various cryonics 

>From Dave

Recently there have been several hints that there may be more cooperation 
in the future from people who used to seem anti-Alcor to me.  I 
think it would be good for all of us if this effort at cooperation is 
successful.  As Steve Bridge pointed out recently, we are all in this 
together.  There is no question that advancing cryonics in general is 
critical to all our survival.

I know that Alcor scientists/engineers/marketers/workers have invented 
several useful new techniques and equipment that they did not want to share 
with others while they were getting bashed by them on a regular basis.

Myself, and some other Alcor people, got our feelings hurt a few years ago 
when some CryoCare members constantly made claims as to how Alcor was not 
doing well and they were going to do so much better.  That was before they 
had a lot of experience in running a cryonics company.  After a little 
practice in tyring to run a cryonics company I think they realize that a 
cryonics company cannot be perfect all the time, and I think they are 
willing to be more reasonable in their future claims.  Also, the cryonics 
community can now see for themselves the strengths and weaknesses of each 
type of company.

Some time has passed, we're all a little older, a little wiser, and a 
little closer to the start of our own personal tank-time.  I hope we can 
all forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater possible
achievements of the future.

We need to give so much time to the improvement of ourselves that we have 
little time to bicker and bash one other.

Even though we are larger than we were a few years ago, we are still a tiny, 
vulnerable movement.  Let's try to work together in areas that we can 
(recognizing that we can't share *everything*), and at least not fight in 
other areas.

I'd be happy to see some constructive proposals for cooperative efforts in 
research or other areas, and will try to give fair consideration to all that 
are made that will advance Alcor and the goals of our members.  

Dave Pizer   

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