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Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 08:53:07 +0100
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> I have a good question for anyone who cares to answere it.  Lets say you 
> freeze the brain or body or whatever so you can preserve it to revive the 
> person later.  If the person can be revived will it be the person 
> themselves or a shell of a person?  Your body may be active but wouldnt 
> your soul be long gone??  You may have the body but not what makes a 
> person a person, only a zombie.  Please correct me if I am wrong because 
> I am just learning about all this stuff.

It is easiest to say that your soul is the program and data in your brain. 
If you have a program on disk and switch off you computer, you can switch 
it on again and reload the program and its data from the disk and carry on 
where you left off.

If you have a general anaesthetic, you are not as aware of the passing of 
time as you are when asleep. I should imagine that cryonic suspension and 
reanimation would be like this.

If you do  not accept the above program+data definition of the soul, then 
you can rely one experiment - it has already been done in patients who have 
been effectively shut down for surgery be stopping all blood flow for a 
short time. As fas as I am aware these people do not come back as zombies. 
Therefore if someone is shut down for say 50 or 300 or 3000 years, they 
will still not come back as a soulless zombie.

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