X-Message-Number: 636
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 16:53:16 PST
From: ghsvax! (Hal Finney)
Subject: Cryonics - Signing children up?

Bruce White asked:

> Is it legal to sign up your children without their consent?
> Even if they do consent, do they have to be a certain age before
> they are allowed to sign up?

I haven't received the paperwork from Alcor yet, but legally I believe
signing up for cryonics is analogous to making funeral arrangements,
or deciding to donate one's organs or body for transplant or research.
I do think parents can legally do this for their children, even
without the child's consent.  In fact, I believe parents can arrange
for medical procedures to be done to their minor children without
their consent (think of the 3 year old fighting to avoid being given a
DPT shot).


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