X-Message-Number: 637
Subject: Insurable interest?
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 92 17:30:49 EST

Here's a question for the people on the list who have made arragements for a
life insurace company to pay for their cryonics arrangements:  What
assurances do you have from your insurance company that they will not refuse
to pay off on the policy on the grounds that a cryonics organization does
not have an insurable interest in you?

This issue has come up before.  Some time ago Kevin Brown offered on
this list to e-mail out a form to fill out that says in 13 different
ways that the insurance company will indeed do what they are
promising, even though they would be paying a cryonics organization.
When I signed up, my insurance company gave me a similar form, but it
had a blank for the policyholder to sign only.  This seems strange
since the purpose is to get the insurance company to agree to promise
to do something.  I doubt the insurance company will be bound by a
document which is only signed by the policy holder.

I've tried three times now, in various ways, to get a document along these
lines that is signed by a representative of my insurance company, and each
time I didn't quite get what I wanted for apparently trivial unrelated
reasons.  But after it happened three times, I'm starting to get an uneasy
feeling here.

[ I obtained the form concerning insurable interest of a cryonics
  organization from Steve Bridge several years ago.  The file 637.1
  (available via email to me with the "Subject" line "CRYOMSG 637.1")
  has my copy of this form.
  FYI: I just checked what my insurance company did with this.  They agreed
  to have a representative sign it and put it in my file at headquarters,
  but did add a disclaimer attempting to disavow responsibility for it.
  Better than nothing, since it clearly shows my wishes, but certainly
  not ideal. - KQB ]

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