X-Message-Number: 6377
From: Brian Wowk <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 01:01:07 -0500
Subject: Brain Cryopreservation

Randy Smith <> writes:

>I seem to recall you saying previously that present-day vitrification of 
>a human brain is a "multi-million dollar slam dunk" by any number of 
>large corporations or governments.  Is this the 8 million dollars I also 
>heard from you just a few days ago?

	Yes.  Since a number of people have pointed out to me
that "8 million dollars" makes the technology sound like an
off-the-shelf product, I should probably state more generally that
brain vitrification is a "7 figure" project.  Probably not less
than 1 million, almost certainly less than 10 million.   

> Is there also a problem of getting 
> all the right experts together in one place at the same time?

	This problem will scale inversely with the amount
of money you bring to bear on the problem.  Since cryonics research
has historically just piddled around the 4 figure range, nobody
has ever explored the question.  Suffice to say that for a million  
dollars a year, I suspect even the infamous Society for Cryobiology
would soften its anti-cryonics stand (and line up at the trough :).  

	Finally, why must we depend on "large corporations or
governments"?  There are more than 600 people now signed up to be
frozen, with a combined annual income of at least 20 million dollars
(and this excludes the very wealthiest of cryonicists, some of
whom make more than this *individually*.)  If just middle-class
cryonicists would make the same comittment to this technology
that Mormon's make to their Church (a 5% tithe), we would have
1 million dollars a year right there.

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