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From: John de Rivaz <>
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Subject: Re: The Importance of Brain Cryopreservation
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 12:00:20 +0100
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In article: <>   (Brian Wowk) 
> There are more than 600 people now signed up to be
> frozen, with a combined annual income of at least 20 million dollars
> (and this excludes the very wealthiest of cryonicists, some of
> whom make more than this *individually*.)  If just middle-class
> cryonicists would make the same comittment to this technology
> that Mormon's make to their Church (a 5% tithe), we would have
> 1 million dollars a year right there.

I wonder if the answer may be to wait for the next sell off in 
technology stocks (possibly already started now) and try and gauge the 
bottom and invest some money then with a view to a long term rise. Thus 
the technology growth your project will need will finance the bulk of 
the project. Of course you will need to invest is somewhere outside the 
dead hand of the government and their "taxpolizei" so you can maximise 
the growth, and then fund your project from the offshore haven. Maybe an 
existing foundation working this way will come to your aid and be able 
to set up a specific fund for you. 

Maybe also it could be set up an investment program rather than a 
begging bowl. That way your few millionaires would probably put in 
enough money that could be leveraged by technology growth to achieve 
your funding within a year or so. That way if you get results then the 
contributors get an individual rather than a collective benefit. If you 
fail, then the losses can be set against other profits. The lawyers have 
made it virtually impossible for individuals to seek investors without 
the legal profession getting a third of the funds raised, but some 
people in Terra Libra are finding workarounds to this disgraceful 
situation using specially worded trusts. 

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