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Subject: Re: The Importance of Brain Cryopreservation
Date: 23 Jun 96 18:32:04 GMT
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>I wonder if the answer may be to wait for the next sell off in 
>technology stocks (possibly already started now) and try and gauge the 
>bottom and invest some money then with a view to a long term rise.

	Why should the technology needed to save our lives depend on
some investment gambit?  As I've pointed out, the income needed  
to finance this work *already exists* within the cryonics community.
(In fact a Mormon lurker pointed out to me privately that Mormons
tithe at the 10% level, not 5% as I erroneously erroneously stated.)

>the technology growth your project will need will finance the bulk of 
>the project.

	Perfected brain preservation needs no new technology in the
sweeping sense that you are implying.  Kidney vitrification
technology, suitably adapted for brains, is all we need.

>Maybe also it could be set up an investment program rather than a 
>begging bowl.

	Begging?  We're all on the same sinking ship, and I don't
think working toward a common goal of survival constitutes "begging".
Dying is not good for one's balance sheet.  Still, if there ultimately
is money to be made from brain preservation technology, then I agree
that those who contribute to the goal should profit in proportion.

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