X-Message-Number: 6382
Date:  Mon, 24 Jun 96 10:24:39 
From: Dave Pizer <>
Subject: reply on invenstments

> From: John de Rivaz <>
> I wonder if the answer may be to wait for the next sell off in 
> technology stocks (possibly already started now) and try and gauge the 
> bottom and invest some money then with a view to a long term rise. Thus 
> the technology growth your project will need will finance the bulk of 
> the project. 

There *may* be another window of technology profit available now thanks to 
cryonicists.  I don't know if this new one is as profitable as the last 
cryonicists success, Paul Segal, Hal Sternberg, et. al. with the BioTime 
stock.  My friend bought $50,000 worth of BioTime at $3.00, a few months 
later it was at $27.00.  He made about $400,000.00 on a $50,000 investment 
and was not even leveraged.

This new chance may be even bigger.  Maybe won't do anything?

Keith Henson has revised Xanadu.  I understand that Keith thinks a mmeasly 
5 million investment will make billions.  Some people think Xanadu's 
potential is bigger and better than the WWW.  

Move over Gates, Xanadu Hypertech, Henson and new investors are honking for 
the passing lane.  Rumor is that Henson's old station wagon has a sign that 
says "Pleasure Dome or bust" on it.

As all these cryonicists, and their investors, start to make billions, will 
they invest some of it in cryonics????


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