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From:  (Ken Greenwood)
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Subject: Re: The Importance of Brain Cryopreservation
Date: 27 Jun 1996 19:12:30 GMT
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In article <>,  
>It is an excellent idea, but it has been suggested beforem and the 
>answer why not is simple - lawyers and politicians. These lovely people 
>have their own money making cartels and the life insurance business 
>happens to be one of them. Cryonics societies could set up what you 
>propose, but it would be life insurance in fact and render them liable 
>to very costly accreditation and regulatory overheads.
>In article: <4qstil$>   (Ken 
>Greenwood) writes:
>> I don't know much more about cryonics or about investments than the next
>> guy, but it seems to me that if the cryonics companies offered some sort
>> of a 'time payment plan' which would see the money come to them while their
>> clients are still alive, rather than waiting until the 'big sleep' and then
>> getting it from the life insurance companies, then they would have more 
>> options.
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I figured it was too simple to have been missed :), and too
complictated to have been implemented :(.

If they could set up such a scheme, I suppose they _would_
be liable to all sorts of regulatory rules and god-knows-what-else,
but my simple brain (which has been wrong once or twice before)
tells me that if the life insurance companies can make money
(hand over fist), then cyronics companies should be able to as

Naturally, one wouldn't want their Cryonics institute to show
profits which fatten the iconic CEO's pockets, but I for one would
be _very_ willing to sign up with a company which has enough
financial creativity to create a sister life "assurance" company
and can show that all of the profits are funnelled directly
into cryonics research.

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