X-Message-Number: 644
Date: 08 Feb 92 13:48:25 EST
From: "Allen J. Lopp" <>
Subject: Previous E-Mail about ACS

Even though I realize that my soul is not spotless, I must agree that
some of the recent E-mail items were unnecessary vicious toward ACS. 
ACS does indeed have some serious deficiencies---every cryonics
organization does at this point in history. Such deficiencies, wherever
they occur, can always be discussed civilly. I say this even though I
know I am not above answering a gratuitous insult with a rebounding
insult, as I have done upon occasion.

I am gratified, however, that ACS people now have the opportunity to
see that Mike Darwin was not the whole problem. Let's redouble our
efforts at maintaining good relations, not just pick another

I also commend Carlos for clarifying the official Alcor policy on
public comments regarding other organizations, and encourage other
groups to develop similar policies, publish them, and abide by them. 
And I don't necessarily mean they must adopt the exact same policy, either.


--- Al Lopp

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