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Date: 12 Feb 92 14:18:15 EST
From: "Russell E. Whitaker" <>
Subject: My previous post

12 Feb 1992/372

Over a week ago, I posted the message from which Edgar Swank took such
offense.  At the end of the message, I appended the note "Director
of Research and Training, Alcor UK".  I made a truly thoughtless 
mistake doing so: I unthinkingly assumed that "everyone knew" that
Alcor UK is NOT a subset of Alcor Life Extension Foundation in 
Riverside, California, USA, and has no legal ties to Alcor UK Ltd.

Please let it be known that I am not, and have never been, an
officer or board member of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, 
a California 501(c)3 corporation.  I do not speak for them; they 
do not speak for me.  Any opinions I express here, including the
one which started this thread, are solely mine.

My only involvement with Alcor Life Extension Foundation has been 
as a suspension member and volunteer; my actions do not bind the

Regarding Edgar Swank's earlier objection to my use of a comment 
by Michael Clive Price... of course I got his permission to use the
statement!  Hadn't you considered the possibility that Mike and I
have a rather vigorous _private_ email correspondence?  There's
also a CryoNetUK, of which you are not a recipient.

On your use of an - out of context - quote of mine from an extropians
post: you are depriving the cryonet list here of its proper context.
Were I not presently frustrated, I would be amused.  You have 
gratuitously quoted from me and Keith Henson, out of context.  Ask
first.  Consider the copyright issues involved here.  I am.

Again, speaking for myself: I have no reason to be conciliatory
with you.  My approach to dealing with extropians-list is tempered by
the nature of that list: as things stand now, the issues there are 
important, but not life-threatening in their application.

Things are different here.  I've worked in hospitals and on 
ambulances, and seen people die.  I'm not ignorant of the ACS/TT
literature claiming an emergency response capability.  I wish the
capability were close to its stated intentions.  However, I was 
shocked a while back to read about a recent "response".  I won't
elaborate; Steve Harris has eloquently stated his opinion on this
matter, with which I agree.

I am not trying to cause a rift here between Alcor and non-Alcor
supporters.  I too would like to see Alcor be given a competitive
run for its money.  That would be wonderful!  I hope the near
future brings such a happy state of affairs.

I will not continue further in this matter, at least in this forum.
If anyone has objections, and desires a response from me, please
email me privately.  My intention is NOT to start another brushfire

Russell E. Whitaker                        

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