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Subject: CRYONICS - ACS Minutes
From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 92 14:09:32 PST

Minutes of the Meeting of the American Cryonics Society
Board of Governors

December 1, 1991
4882 Pebble Glen Drive
San Jose, CA 94129

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Jerry White at 1:55
p.m.  Mr. White welcomed members and guests.

Governors Present         Governors Absent               Members & Guests

Carmen Brewer           Avi Ben-Abraham, M.D.           Peter Christiansen
John Day                Kent Cullers, Ph.D.             David Crockett
Dick Marsh, Ph.D.                                       Pay-Yin Day
Jerry White                                             Norm Lewis
Jim Yount                                               Jack Zinn

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as presented.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer John Day did not have a treasurer's report ready by meeting time.

Improving Accounting

Carmen Brewer and John Day reported on a meeting with Gary Brewer to
discuss possible ACS use of an accounting package developed by IBM.
It was felt that this system did not lend itself well to our
accounting requirements since its primary application was for
profit making companies.  There was discussion on our use of the
Peachtree accounting system for ACS.  It was generally felt that
Peachtree had the same short-comings as the IBM system.

Jim Yount reported sending for a demonstration program for
not-for-profit fund accounting prepared by Executive Data Systems Inc.
The demonstration will allow evaluation of the program before

Legal Review of Suspension Forms

The ACS attorney Jim Bianchi will undertake a legal review the
California Short Forms and a modified version of these forms intended
for use outside California.

Suspension of a Member

A member of the American Cryonics Society was placed into cryonic
suspension recently at the Trans Time facility in Oakland.  There was
a brief critique of the suspension.  Because of the physical condition
of the patient, including marked dehydration, complete perfusion was
not possible.  A physician who assisted with the suspension has
suggested we have our own physicians review the medical condition of
members in critical condition to determine any special circumstances
or problems which might complicate suspension.

A suspension review committee consisting of John Day, Jerry White, Jim
Yount, and David Crockett, was formed to make recommendations to the
Board and to Trans Time on ways for improving suspension procedures.


Jean-Pax Mefret cryonics story appeared in the French magazine
"Figuero", September 28, 1991.  A picture of a group of ACS
members was featured.

Carmen Brewer recently flew to France where she was a guest on the
network television show Si On Se Disais Tout.

Dick Marsh announced a contest for the popular Dayton, Ohio radio
station Z93 (WGTZ).  Listeners were to compose short essays on why
they wish to be suspended.  The winner is to receive a free

On October 9, 1991, Dr.  Avi Ben-Abraham was a guest on Radio
Television Italian (RAI).  The interview was conducted by remote
satellite hook-up.

ACS Election

There was a general discussion of the upcoming ACS election for
Governors.  The Executive Committee had discussed the possibility of
recommending a suggested by-law change to be submitted to ACS
members to extend the term of governor from one to two years.  Neither
the Executive Committee nor the full Board could agree on a procedure
for allowing members to call special elections during this two year
term.  The matter was deferred until next year.

Facility Design/Financing

Carmen Brewer reported finding a large building in Sunnyvale which
might be appropriate facilities.  The three story structure has about
10,000 feet of warehouse and 27,000 feet of office/R & D space.  It is
located on 2.2 acres in an industrial park near NASA Ames.  A tour was
scheduled for Governors, members, and guests later in the evening.

Ways to finance purchase of the building were discussed.  It was
suggested that, in addition to direct investments, members might wish
to ear-mark some of their suspension funds for such an investment.

Roe v. Mitchell Report

Jack Zinn presented an update on the Roe v. Mitchell litigation.  He
stated that ICF and CI were presenting a friend of the court brief
where arguments in favor of the legality of cryonic suspension are
presented based upon on provisions of the U.S. and California
constitutions.  Jack said that California citizens have greater
guarantees of liberty than do citizens of most, if not all, other

One possible outcome of this suit may be a requirement that any state
produced document which lists options for disposition of human remains
must give cryonic suspension as an option.

Cryonic Photo Documentation

Dick Marsh called the board's attention to David Crockett's efforts to
document through photographs the neighborhood and favorite locations
of his parents.  Such photographs might be used to stimulate memory
after revival.  Dick suggested this to our members in general for
both themselves and loved ones who may be suspended.

There was discussion of archiving such records.  Jim Yount said that a
system for record maintenance and archiving had been worked out and
was available to ACS members.  No fee schedule has yet been
established for storage of records and memorabilia.

Next meetings

The Trans Time Board of Directors meets on the same day and place as
ACS either before or after our meetings.  All members and guests are
welcome to the buffet between meetings and to attend Trans Time Board

The next meetings of the American Cryonics Society are:

Annual Meeting followed by Board Meeting   ACS Governors Meeting
Sunday, February 2, at 1:00 p.m.           Sunday, March 1, at 6:00 p.m.

The Home of                                The Home of
Carmen Brewer                              David Crockett
15045 Herring Ave.                         1021 Toyon Drive
San Jose, CA  95124                        Burlingame, CA  94010
(408) 559-3596                             (415) 348-3703


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Yount

 (Edgar W. Swank)
SPECTROX SYSTEMS +1.408.252.1005  Silicon Valley, Ca

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