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From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 92 16:21:30 PST

First, I want to thank Allen J. Lopp for the conciliatory remarks
expressed in msg 644.  I agree completely.
Next, I have some further detail on the circumstances of the
ACS/TT suspension (the last one before Jerry White's mother) which was
the subject of inquiry in msg 631 by Steven B. Harris.
The subject was the elderly parent of an ACS member.  He/she was also
signed up as a "full" member but had not even started the paperwork to
make him a suspension member.  This was a choice of the younger ACS
member made for personal & family reasons.  The patient was legally a
ward of the county.  Death took place in a nursing home at some
distance from the bay area.  Emergency Standby (bedside waiting)
service was offered, but declined.  In this case, some ACS people
offered to wait at no cost if that was a problem.  The patient was
also not enrolled in TT's Emergency Responsibility service.
Nevertheless, both ACS and Trans-Time made what preparations they
could.  Roads maps and directions to the nursing home were distributed
widely among ACS and TT personnel.  A source of ice was located near
the nursing home.  Equipment & supplies were kept ready.
In a post-suspension critique, the M.D. working with us commented that
any difficulties we had with perfusion were due to clotting which was
cause by the nursing home allowing the patient to dehydrate by
withdrawing fluids & nutrition.  Apparently this is a common practice
with terminal patients.
Incidentally, I'm told that brain edema (swelling) has not been a
problem in any ACS/TT suspension since we started using Dr.  Paul
Segall's proprietary fluids, even in cases where suspension could not
be started until sometime after death.
I hope this and my previous comment (msg 646) answered your questions,
Mr. Harris.
I will post any further details as I receive them.

 (Edgar W. Swank)
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