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Subject: CRYONICS - American Cryonics News
From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 92 07:27:39 PST

Excerpts from American Cryonics News as appearing in The Immortalist,
January 1992.
Cryonics Christmas Party
About thirty people attended the annual Cryonics holiday party at
the home of Paul and Judy Segall.  An assortment of excellent
food and beverages were enjoyed by guests.  David Crockett
brought along video tapes of Sleeper and Ice Man, which gue sts
viewed with interest.
ACS Election
The annual American Cryonics Society election for our board of
governors is scheduled for February 2, 1992 at the home of Carmen
Brewer:  15045 Herring Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124, 408 559-3596
Cemetery Scandal
The California Supreme Court has ruled that families of nearly 16,500
decedents may sue for emotional stress caused by media revelations of
widespread mishandling of human remains by various Los Angeles area
mortuaries and crematoriums including mass cremations, commingling of
human remains with non-human waste, and the plundering of bodies for
gold and salable organs.  (No word yet on whether or not the State
Department of health Services will call for the outlawing of
mortuaries and crematoriums as they did for cryonics after the
Chatsworth debacle.)
BIOTIME INC.  has gone public to raise $4.8 million with an initial
public offering of 600,000 shares.  BIOTIME is a cryonics oriented
biotechnology corporation formed to develop, among other things, newer
and better cryonic suspension technology and ultimately perhaps even
provide cryonics services.
Corporate officers and principals of BIOTIME include Paul Segall,
Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer; Victoria Bellport, Vice
President and Chief Operations Officer; Judy Segall, Vice President
for Corporate Development; Ron Barkin, Corporate Counsel; Elliot
Fineman, Patent Attorney; Robert Reiffin, Tax Attorney; Bruce Cohen,
Senior Engineer; Steven Kehre, Computer Consultant; Ed Monroe, Art
Consultant.  Corporate Directors are Judy and Paul Segall, Ph.D.,
Victoria Bellport, Larry Cohen, Harold Waitz Ph.D., Hal Sternberg,
Ph.D., and Ron Barkin.
Initial funding for BIOTIME came from a buyout of Drs.  Seagall,
Sternberg, Waitz and Ms.  Bellport by their previous employer,
Cryomedical Inc.
For further information (including a beautiful brochure) or a
prospectus, contact:  BIOTIME INC, 1442 A Walnut Street # 474,
Berkeley CA 94709, Phone (510)524-0363, FAX (510)524-2761

 (Edgar W. Swank)
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