X-Message-Number: 6561
Date: 19 Jul 96 16:49:39 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Prometheus: A Hypothetical Question

     It has not been made clear enough that at this point in time the
Prometheus Project is essentially a pledge campaign asking a strictly
hypothetical question:

1) *If* $1M/yr in pledges for 10 years is collected, and
2) *if* satisfactory scientific and business plans are developed, and
3) *if* the researchers and their projects are satisfactory to the you, and
4) *if* a corporation is formed to employ these scientists to execute these
    projects which issues a prospectus and share offering for that purpose,
4) *then* how much would you be willing to contribute, beginning in 1998, to
    share purchases of equal amounts for up to 10 years, in that corporation.

No money is being requested and no investments are being solicited. If this
campaign is not successful no corporation to execute the project will ever be

     The reason why I believe that the Prometheus Project pledge campaign
will be successful is that you are *not* being asked, "how much are you
willing to invest in a high-risk, bio-tech R&D startup", even though any
corporation which executes the Prometheus Project plan will be all of that.
No, you are being asked, "how much of your present life are you willing to
commit towards a very good chance at an enormously lengthened future life",
and *that* is a vastly different question.

-- Paul --


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