X-Message-Number: 6562
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 96 03:34:02 +1000
Subject: Ultrasonics to reduce crystallization   SCI.CRYONICS

   One of the problems of cryonics is the damage caused by
crystallization of water in the cells of the body being
frozen.  Has anyone investigated ultrasonics as a method of
reducing this crystallization?
   Ultrasonics at appropriate frequencies can cause small-scale
vibrations within the molecules which could disrupt much of the 
crystal formation, and reduce the damage caused by freezing.
Although ultrasonics introduces a slight heating effect to
the body being frozen, this might be useful as a way to slow 
the freezing process.
   My thoughts are that ultrasonics could not only reduce the 
crystallization, but allow faster freezing (because of reduced
crystalline formation), and thereby (perhaps) reduce the costs 
of the freezing process.  Perhaps ultrasonics might be an avenue
of exploration for the proposed Prometheus project.

Does anyone know of experimentation in this direction?

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