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Subject: CRYONICS - ACS and Alcor
From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 12:32:40 PST

I'm glad Michael Clive Price took time to explain, im msg 655, his
remark quoted by Russell Whitaker (in msg 618). He writes:

    ACS/TT (and CI) don't offer neuro-suspensions, or are less than
    forthcoming about their stance, for publicity reasons.  One day
    they're offering neuro-suspension.  Next day they're not.  Day
    after they are offering neuro only to existing members.  Alcor has
    always offered the neuro option to its members.

I checked with Jim Yount for ACS current policy. He said that he could
not recall any time when ACS did not offer neuro suspensions.  I've
been around since ACS was founded in 1964. I can't recall that ACS
ever refused to arrange a neuro suspension for anyone who wanted one.

Certainly ACS current policies are to offer a maximum of choices to
our members. We offer both whole-body and neuro suspensions. For neuro
suspensions we additionally offer a choice of head-only or brain-only.
Brain-only has the advantage of leaving an undecapitated corpse which
can be given a conventional burial; this can mollify objections by

For whole-body suspensions, members can select suspension and storage
at Trans-Time, suspension at Trans-Time, storage at CI (at lower
cost), or both suspension and storage at CI (lowest cost).

ACS also offers and has arranged arctic burial in permafrost. One
member, I'm told, has selected this as his primary option.

Trans-Time's policy re the neuro option is, perhaps, not as
"forthcoming". Jim says TT passed a corporate resolution some time ago
which states that its official policy is that neuro suspensions are
"offered but not promoted".  [Art please review & correct if necessary].

It's been my and other ACS members impression that Alcor has not
always offered whole body suspensions and still discourages its
members from selecting the whole-body option.  Michael and other Alcor
members please correct if mistaken.

Michael also wrote:

    My concern with any organisation running scared of the
    press/publicity is that it may choose to suppress negative data
    from its members.  ACS/TT's attitude towards neuro-suspensions and
    publicity seems to be uncomfortably *close* to this position.

Ever since its founding, ACS Board of Governors meetings have been
open to the public (except for infrequent "executive sessions") and
minutes of those meetings have been published to all members.
These frequently include animated discussions of controversial topics.
Recently I started posting minutes and meeting times and places here.
Although I've seen minutes from some Alcor "chapters" here, I don't
recall seeing any from Alcor/Riverside.  Perhaps someone from Alcor
would clarify if meetings of Alcor's governing body are public and if
minutes are available.

 (Edgar W. Swank)
SPECTROX SYSTEMS +1.408.252.1005  Silicon Valley, Ca

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