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Subject: CRYONICS - American Cryonics News 1/2
From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 92 14:15:19 PST

(Reprinted from The Immortalist, February, 1992) - Part 1/2

{photos of building}

A group of cryonics investors recently signed a purchase agreement on
this building in Sunnyvale.  This structure may become our future
offices, suspension and long)term storage facility.

ALAVIE Signs Purchase Agreement

An investment group, known as ALAVIE, headed by ACS Governor Carmen
Brewer recently signed a purchase agreement on the building shown
above.  It is the hope of Carmen and other members of the group that
the building will become a cryonics facility, business, meeting, and
research center.  The building will also become the new home of the
American Cryonics Society.

The 37,700 square foot office/R&D building is located on a 2.2 acre
lot in an industrial park in Sunnyvale, California near Ames Research
Center.  We have been told that present zoning allows another 10,000
square feet of space or separate building to be build on this lot.

The three story building has about 9,000 square feet of preferred
office space with a glassed-in facade, 19,000 square feet of floor
space suitable for Research and Development and about 10,000 square
feet of warehouse.

Most of the ACS Governors and Trans Time Directors have toured the
structure and were favorably impressed.  Trans Time has been looking
for a suitable building to house its facility for some time.  Various
co-ownership, lease, or other working relationships, are being
explored whereby Trans Time would locate its suspension and long-term
storage facilities in the building.

It is expected that most of the space would be leased and later
occupied by cryonics or bio-tech firms as the leases expire and as we
need the space.

The building is metal-frame which, we understand, is a form of
construction that is highly rated for earthquake and hurricane safety.
It has a heat-activated sprinkler system throughout.  If we decide we
wish an even stronger structure surrounding our patient capsules
(cryostats) a super-reinforced wing or separate building could be

The purchase agreement prohibits discussion of the terms of purchase
until ALAVIE takes possession.  We can say, however, that it is being
bought under favorable terms which reflect current economic
conditions.  We will explore the possibility of suspension members
earmarking funds in their suspension trusts to be invested in the
building.  Cryonicists also could invest now in the interest of
providing a better facility.

Arnie Johnson suggests Northern Facility

ACS member Arnie Johnson wrote to us with more information on his
proposal to construct cryonics facilities in the far north.  He sent
information on real estate listings for land on which a facility could
bebuilt in Inuvik Northwest Territories, Canada.  One of the primary
benefits from such far-north storage is the fact that capsules could
be embeddedin the permafrost to ensure that any accidental warming
would not result in the patients being thawed.

We have long held the view that the construction or purchase of
suspension facilities need not be an either/or proposition.  A variety
of options should be available to our members.  Anyone wishing to
correspond with Arnie on this interesting proposal can write him at
our Cupertino address.

ACS Suspends Brain

Several ACS volunteers recently assisted ACS Vice President, Jerry
White, in the suspension of his mother's brain.

Jerry and other family members made the decision to freeze the brain
only because of a number of factors including some resistance to full
body suspension by some family members.

The perfusion was done at a local mortuary with assistance from
funeral directors.  A pathologist removed the brain.

Many lessons were learned from this suspension, perhaps the most
important of which is the relative ease in getting cooperation from
professionals and family members for a brain donation as opposed to
full body or head-only suspension.

Jerry is planning a detailed report in a future edition of The

Captain Alpert Says "Thanks"

Just before shipping out to serve in the Gulf War, Marine Captain Dana
Alpert enrolled as a suspension member of the American Cryonics
Society.  Because we didn't know when the war would begin and because
we absolutely positively wanted Captain Alpert to have a medic-alert
emblem with emergency suspension phone number to wearinto battle, ACS
member Annie Yount loaned the Captain her medic alert necklace.

The Marine recently returned the necklace with a thank-you letter
which also authorized us to reveal his name.  Prior to this we had
kept his identity confidential upon his request.

Since the war, Captain Alpert has served with French forces in the
Caribbean and will soon ship out to Norway.

The necklace is well-worn and badly pitted and looks, well, like its
been through a war!  Captain Alpert offered to replace the bracelet.
"No way," says Annie.  "What a great war souvenir!  I'll wear it
proudly, knowing it mighthave saved the life of a U.S.  Marine."

We're trying to get Annie to give it up so it may be framed and
exhibited in the ACS office.  We've got a place all picked out for it
in the lobby of our new national headquarters building!


 (Edgar W. Swank)
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