X-Message-Number: 664
From: more% (Max More)
Subject: Re: CRYONICS: #659: Brain suspension
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 92 17:14:52 PST

	I am interested in brain-only neurosuspension, and so was pleased to
read of ACS' recent experience. I would very much like to hear more details.
How much additional delay before freezing resulted from the need to remove
the brain from the skull? How is the brain to be protected from mechanical
injury in the absence of the skull?
	Until effective whole-body vitrification is available, I will be
neuro, and I would prefer to be brain-only for aethestic reasons, but
not if it would compromise the quality of my suspension. I think brain-only
suspensions may be slightly less repulsive to the non-cryonicist public.
While I don't give a @!% for the public's opinion in itself, it can affect the
probability of cryonics surviving. As I am an Alcor member, apart from info
from ACS or TT in regard to the brain-only suspension, I would like to hear 
from an Alcor official on policy on neuros. So far as I recall, Alcor has not
performed a brain-only suspension. I do recall discussion of the additional
difficulties involved, but don't know whether Alcor would perform such a 
suspension if specifically requested. If not, then I would have to admit that
ACS has at least one advantage over Alcor. ;-)

Max More
Executive Director
Extropy Institute (ExI)

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