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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 92 22:23:32 PST

This is the most recent exchange in a long running thread on sci.med.
I don't know if any of you would like to jump into this one . . . .
The thread title is "Gordon Banks and cryonics."  Keith Henson
In article <>  (H Keith Henson) writ
>PS, do either of you have strong feelings that humans will never/should
>never try for the stars?

I think it unlikely that humans will get to the stars in a "normal"
way.  That is, hopping in a space ship and going there.  I think it
not unlikely that our machine intelligences may arrive there someday.
Biological units such as ourselves are not very well suited for space
travel, and I think in a century or two, it will become obvious that
those born here will stay here (or nearby).  Perhaps the machines will
take some frozen embryos along if there is a perceived need to have
biological units on any newly discovered planets out around other stars.

Gordon Banks  N3JXP      | "I have given you an argument; I am not obliged
   |  to supply you with an understanding." -S.Johnson

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