X-Message-Number: 667
Date: 01 Mar 92 02:30:25 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #664 - #666

To Keith Henson:
As I have said and will say again, your problems do not come from the
fact that your nature is biological. They come from your *specific*
nature. To believe that by somehow removing ourselves from the
"biological" realm will solve them involves a fallacy: so long as we
remain ourselves, the material trappings in which we are wrapped will 
make no difference.

Among other points, this is why I have repeatedly paid attention to 
evolutionary theories of aging: evolution is a form of entropy, would
take place among ANY population regardless of their basic structure,
and ultimately lead to their aging. This is not to mention all the other
problems we are heir to: feebleness of mind (from which slowly or quickly
we are evolving now, simply because its advantages have been steadily
decreasing), sexual urgings and jealousy (or do you want to castrate
yourself?), competition between individuals (no, even nanotechnology will
not make EVERYTHING inexpensive), and so on and on. 

It is not that we are removing ourselves from biology but that we have 
been increasing our own self-understanding. With that understanding we
will see ways around the problems listed --- and many others not listed.
But self-understanding (and understanding of the world) will always come
hard, because of its fundamental nature. Biochemistry is only the clothing
with which these problems wrap themselves.
		Best wishes, to Keith and all others

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